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Hello Flow

Oct 31, 2021

In today's episode, we are talking about how to create and cultivate a remarkable life.

First, make sure you identify what a remarkable life would look like to you. You can jot down notes, or start a voice note if you'd like. Ask yourself, what lifestyle or day-to-day activities would give you the sense that what you are doing is truly remarkable. Remember that a remarkable life is whatever feels aligned to you. My life might seem pretty "normal." But I remind myself that having a normal life, in itself, is remarkle,

Another step you can take it to retrieve memories or past representations that truly encompass what a remarkable life has felt like in the past. What events caused deep connectedness and alignment for you? Here is another reminder that a remarkable life does not necessarily mean an easy life. It means that we are living a life that each of us values, enjoys, is challenged by and embraces regardless.

Think about what moments and interactions have felt truly aligned in your spirit. These are the moments that make up a remarkable life.

These moments could be:
-Having a day off
-Writing or creating
-A coffee date with a friend

Once you recognize these moments as remarkable, that is when you activate flow. To live a remarkable life means you can create joy in the moments that are presented to you.

We can then take the time to feel deep gratitude for these moments and recognize the deep alignment that comes with that gratitude.

In this episode:
-Steps to living a remarkable life
-Practicing gratitude
-How to identify and move passed road blocks that prevent you from living a remarkable life