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Hello Flow

Oct 24, 2021

Today we will cover how to reconnect to your "why".

Your "why" is the reason you are surrounding yourself with who you choose. It is the reason you are taking certain intentional actions every day.

Sometimes autopilot creeps in more often than we would like and we realize that we can't differentiate between the days anymore. This can result in burnout.

Here are some ways to refocus and reconnect with your "why" for more fulfillment and joy in your life.

First, remember how important it is to have a "why" to begin with. A "why" can be defined as what you want to be known for, what truly and deeply fulfills you. As you think of your "why", you may uncover different aspects at different phases of your life. Your "why" might change throughout different stages, and that's okay.

But when you are disconnected completely from your "why", you need a path back to you center.

First, you can identify your strengths and skills. Create a list to help you energize how you are feeling in the present moment. Grounding yourself in this way will energize you to move in the direction of your goals.

Second, recognize what other people notice about you. Something that others say are your strengths and skills. The reason we should do this is because sometimes, we are our own worse critics. And it helps to look at ourselves from a different lens.

Lastly, take a pause. Take some time to journal, play your favorite music or podcasts, and really sit with your thoughts. Make the space to be in your why and you will find reconnection.

In this episode:
-What is a "why?"
-How to pinpoint your own "why"
-How to reconnect with your "why"