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Hello Flow

Oct 17, 2021

Have you ever felt like you're totally moving in the right direction. And you may be glowing with excitement at the way your life is going?

This feeling is flow.

When you find yourself in that moment, the key is to not force yourself in or out of it.

Enjoy the process. This is not the time to run at it, grasp at it, or hold on too tight.

Simply be with it and understand that this will happen more often if we let it. If we force it or cling to it, we inflict our will and put too much pressure on the moment. Doing this takes away the magic.

Instead, think about how you can explore this experience with curiosity and excitement.

What triggered to flow state?
What aspects of this moment make you feel the best?

Really research this feeling because this experience can cause a ripple effect into all other aspect of our lives.

And as a gentle reminder, It is impossible for your brain to stay in the state forever. You will inevitably come down. Don't think of it as a crash but think of it as a gentle wave. Moving with the highs and lows of flow and letting the momentum take you in and out at it pleases.

Recognize the moment for what it is.

Now we can replicate the conditions so we can experience more flow states. This is where the research comes in. Now we can do our best to put ourselves in a position to activate another flow state.

In this episode:
-How to optimize, enjoy, celebrate and create more of a flow state