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Hello Flow

Oct 10, 2021

Today's topic is how to make meaning when nothing seems to make sense. How can we optimize and reconnect with whatever is happening in this moment, when feeling overwhelmed or out of flow?

As with most strategies, we want to bring it back to basics.

We need to re-remember what we care about, how we want to show up in our lives, and how we want to show up in relationships and at our jobs. By reconnecting with our values, we are integrating and making meaning at the same time.

If we are trying to have everything all figured out, we miss out on those windows of simply enjoying the present moment.

I don't believe that we have to figure everything out. To just be, that is what is most meaningful. When we seek to make meaning, we may miss out on the actual experience that is really meaningful. Making meaning can be as simple as recognizing and being aware of what is happening at this very moment.

So here is a gently reminder to not take making meaning too seriously. We don't need to strive to make meaning out of our lives, we simply need to be present to acknowledge the meaning that is already there.

In this episode:
-What it looks like to force meaning into our lives
-How to acknowledge meaning when we are overwhelmed
-How to meaning make in our everyday lives