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Hello Flow

Oct 3, 2021

How to feel productive when life seems so so busy?

Remember that being busy is not the goal. Try to aim for a full and abundant life, not a busy one.

We can recognize that being busy may have helped us survive at some point, but a busy life does not mean a rich life. So, if you are feeling like your weeks are so busy but you don't feel productive, it might be because all these different activities and tasks are not being done with intention.

Staying busy may be keeping you from truly living. And that hurts.

You may have a lot of things going on, but do those things bring a sense of meaning? If not, this is a great time to reflect.

We are allowed to live with deep conviction of our values. And how we can do this is by simply removing things from our schedules that don't align with our values.

We can remove these tasks that don't serve our highest selves, to create room for the activities that allow you to live freely and productively.

In this episode:
-What it looks like to live a busy life
-How to recognize when you may be stuck
-Tips for creating space to be productive, rather than just busy