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Hello Flow

Sep 26, 2021

Today, we're diving into how to amplify the good when nothing seems to be going right in your life. You may be feeling this domino affect of experiences that are just not aligning with you over and over again. This is when we have to amplify our own version of good in our lives.

This is not the time for toxic positivity. This means, it's okay to feel both ends of the spectrum. It's okay to express when things may not be going the way you'd like. You do not (and will not) feel happy all the time.

If you find yourself struggling, amplifying the good may look like remembering an activity or moment that made you feel emboldened and full of life. This is a moment that simply brought you positive energy.
Let the energy of that past moment light you up from the inside.

These moments will be the small moments. When you had that great conversation, or stopped to admire a beautiful flower. These are the realistic moments that we can amplify and channel the energy to pull us out of a place of struggling.

That this time and reflect on how you can bring a tiny aspect of that event into this present moment.

In this episode:
-How to avoid toxic positivity
-Channeling realistic positive feelings