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Hello Flow

Sep 19, 2021

In this episode, we'll talk about three ways to release stress pain or grief in your life because we all need some time to center ourselves and create inspiration amidst our journeys.

First, remove more from your schedule. This allows us to create space to feel any and all emotions. Allow yourself to sit with these reactions without trying to distract yourself, which takes you out of flow state

Second, maybe you do need something to distract you. Find useful distractions that don't numb your emotions. Choose something that you've leaned on in the past when you weren't feeling overwhelmed. Having this neutral activity will help you release additional stress and enhance your endorphins.

The last tool I recommend is scheduling a weekly/monthly time to process stress, pain and grief. It will enhance how you deal with these emotions and will be an intentional time to reflect.

In this episode:
-Three ways to move through stress, grief, and pain