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Hello Flow

Aug 29, 2021

A question I am often asked is, "When is it time to let go?" When this question arises, I suggest making space for a full range of reactions. Every single emotion is welcome when making this decision.

As you sit with these emotions, ask yourself:
How did this serve me?
How did it provide something for me that no longer...

Aug 22, 2021

Oftentimes when something happens in our lives that brings up regret or remorse, we get the urge to cut it out of our story. When these feelings of shame arise, I encourage you to remember that we do not need to cut out parts of our past. We do not need to rewrite our entire story. 

Instead, remember that these...

Aug 15, 2021

In today's episode, I want to talk about what to do when we feel the impulse to start over. If you are feeling like you just want to run away and start all over, I want you to know that this is just an amazing reminder to get curious about your current mindset and routines.

Take a moment to pause and ask yourself:
Am I...

Aug 8, 2021

I'm sure we've all experienced a time when we wanted to quit. A time where we couldn't see a way out and simply wanted to give up. This is where I encourage you NOT to impulsively quit. It's in these pivotal moments, where we can dive deeply into what our core values are and decide with love, what our next steps should...

Aug 1, 2021

Are you desperately waiting for an answer or the clarity to know what to do next? If you are, I invite you to take this pause with me...and recognize that the answer and clarity that we are yearning for, is already within us. In taking this moment to be present - to let these thoughts and feelings flow naturally, we...